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Meet Jeni Hall, NTP, Award-Winning and Creator of The RESTART® Program for Nutritional Therapy Practitioners or Consultants (NTP or NTC)

About The Creator Of Restart®

Jeni Hall is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association®. It was her own health issues that led her to study nutrition. The fact that she grew up eating what’s known as the Standard America Diet (aka, “SAD”) led her to have blood sugar issues. She understands, first-hand, the struggles with sugar.

As she began her nutritional work with clients, she noticed that many were in the same boat. She started a small group in which everyone went through a sugar detox together, guided by each other’s support and her expertise. It was an instant success and thus The RESTART® Program was born. Since then, RESTART® has evolved into the proven program that it is today for the many people who want to feel better and receive accurate information about food, nutrition, and their own health.



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Attract new clients to your practice using a program that delivers immediate results.

The RESTART® Program is a 5-week program based on the Foundations with a 3-week sugar detox built into it. The program is designed to make it easy for you to attract new clients to your practice, grow your income and we provide you with all the tools you need to run a great program. It is part class, part detox, and part support group — a powerful and empowering combination for the participants!

What is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)?

Nutritional Therapists believe that the Foundations for wellness that must be addressed are:  Digestive Issues, Blood Sugar Regulation, Fatty Acid Deficiencies, Mineral Deficiencies and Hydration. NTPs are trained and certified by The Nutritional Therapy Association to use a science-based, holistic approach to achieve optimal health in our clients.  The basis of nutritional therapy is that properly prepared, nutrient dense food is a great healer and the body responds with good health when it receives the nutrients it needs.  Every body is different and each person comes with their own set of circumstances and issues to be dealt with.  Often there are underlying issues that need to be addressed before wellness can be achieved.  NTPs work with each client closely and thoroughly to correct those underlying issues so that the body can receive the nutrients it needs for optimal health.



What People Are Saying

Jeni warmly shared her knowledge and life experiences, which made me feel welcomed and comfortable. I freely discussed my concerns and she actively listened. My individual assessment was very thorough and enlightening. Becoming aware of how my eating choices, over the years, have taken a toll on my entire system (physically, digestively, mentally) has helped me “wrap my head” around new habits.

K.H. Dublin

NH Local Client

Loads of good information and a very supportive environment. Wrestling with sugar is certainly more fun with Jeni and a lively group of fellow detoxers.

A.G. Peterborough

RESTART® Participant

I would teach RESTART® ALL DAY LONG. I LOVE this program! It still amazes me how much change people get from a 5 week program. I feel like it takes months to get these types of results with private clients.

Tiana Rockwell

RESTART® Instructor

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